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TwinTurbo 3900 Ionic & Ceramic

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The New Turbo Power TwinTurbo 3900 Light Hair Dryer is ultra light weight and quiet. It is equipped with the Ionic and Ceramic Technology device essential for the health and the elimination of static electricity of the hair.  The nickel chrome heating element ensures quick drying time. The reduction of all components has allowed us to create an exceptionally lightweight hair dryer.  The hair dryer and packaging are made from recyclable materials.


Equipped with the newest and latest K-Advance® motor for superior performance. Now with 2200 watts of drying power and a longer lifespan of 2500 hours of "guaranteed" operation.


The TwinTurbo 3900 Light is made in the ideal fit for hair stylists. And with industry standard Ionic and Ceramic Technology, hair is dried from the inside out, leaving the external structure unharmed in the drying process. The exceptional power and negative ions produced by the the dryer reduces drying time by 70%.

Please Note: This item has been built to US electronics specifications and may need additional modifications or converters to be used in countries other than the U.S. and Canada.


Warranty Information: Turbo Power products are guaranteed to be free of any manufactured defects or defects in workmanship for one full year from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by misuse or mishandling. Appliances that have been dropped or have been damaged due to user negligence, or that have been purchased on Ebay, Amazon or internet auction sites will not be covered under the warranty.


Power 2200 Watts
Air Flow 83 m3/h
Motor Life 2500 Hours
Technology Ceramic and Ionic Technology
Temperature Settings 4
Speed Settings 2 (Medium, Max)
Warranty 1 Year Warranty
Instant Cold Shot Button Yes
Attachments 2 Concentrator Nozzles
Cable 9 Feet Strong Cable
Weight 449 grams / 0.99 pound / 15.84 ounces
Product Dimensions 18.5 x 21 x 9.5 cm
Voltage 110 Volts, USA

Compare All Models

  • TwinTurbo 3900

    3900 Colors
    • 2200 Watts Drying Power
    • 83 m3/h Airflow
    • 2500 Hours Motor Life
    • Ceramic and Ionic Technology
  • TwinTurbo 3800

    3800 Colors
    • 2100 Watts Drying Power
    • 75 m3/h Airflow
    • 2100 Hours Motor Life
    • Ceramic and Ionic Technology
  • TwinTurbo 3500

    3500 Colors
    • 2000 Watts Drying Power
    • 73 m3/h Airflow
    • 2000 Hours Motor Life
    • Ceramic and Ionic Technology
  • TwinTurbo 3200

    3200 Colors
    • 1900 Watts Drying Power
    • 69 m3/h Airflow
    • 2000 Hours Motor Life
    • Ceramic and Ionic Technology
  • TwinTurbo 2800

    2800 Colors
    • 1875 Watts Drying Power
    • 75 m3/h Airflow
    • 2000 Hours Motor Life
    • Ionic Technology


Each Hair Dryer is made in Italy with an advance manufacturing process and high quality checks at every step of the way.