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The finest Italian made dryers in the world.

Icon Turbo Power was the first company to introduce the turbo hair dryer to the salon professional. Since their introduction we have produced newer, more powerful styling tools. Today, our product lines also include curling and straight irons, diffusers, hair brushes and so much more. If you are as serious about your work as we are, then Turbo Power is your only choice for professional styling tools.
Icon Quality is the characteristic evident in all Turbo Power products. It is the primary feature built into every professional product we manufacture.

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3800 Ionic & Ceramic Dryer Green 330


Turbo Power TurboPower 3800 is eco-friendly and quiet. The nickel chrome heating element ensures quick drying, and the silencer reduces noise. Ionic and ceramic system - the industry standard today - builds negative ions which reduce drying time by 70%, while reducing damage inflicted on hair.

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3800 Ionic & Ceramic Dryer Green 330

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  • Only 18.5 cm
  • Solo 18.5 cm
  • Output: 2100 Watts
  • Watt 2100
  • 75 cubic meters/hours
  • 75 metros cubicos/hora
  • 2000 Hour K-Lamination Motor
  • 2000 horas el motor k-Lamination.
  • Motor-fan electronic balancing
  • Equilibrado electrónico motor-ventilador
  • 2 x 16 amp switches - heavy duty solid silver contacts
  • 2 interruptores 16 Amp. - optimizados con contactos de plata pura
  • 2-speeds, 4 temperature settings
  • 22 velocidades - 4 temperaturas
  • Immediate cold air microswitch
  • Aire frio instantáneo accionado por microinterruptor
  • Built-in nickel chrome heating element and safety thermostat
  • Resistencia de niquel-cromo encajada y thermostato de seguridad
  • Two unbreakable nozzles
  • 2 boquillas
  • Recyclable materials
  • Materiales primas reciclables
  • Energy saving quick drying
  • Secado super rapido para ahorrar energia
  • Highly flexible 3 m long cable
  • Cable 3 metros
  • Low noise built-in silencer
  • Baja contaminacion acustica con silenciador incorporado
  • Ozone Friendly - no harmful emissions
  • Ozono Friendly - ninguna emision nociva
  • Made in Italy
  • Hecho en Italia

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